we take

at the Kumu Kahua Theatre
part of the Kumu Kahua Dark Night Series

March 2008

Gwen Arbaugh
Marie Kuroda
Frances Mammana
Aisha Goshi Otagua
James Schirmer
Misa Tupuo
Jyunko Mizumocchi
Abel Coelho

choreographed / designed by Abel Coelho

costumes Alexis Leon

lights Jeremy Dowd

stage managers  Kelcie Awo / Emily Hare

Kumu Kahua Artistic Director Harry Wong III

        "Abel Coelho has staged another idiosyncratic and bold theatrical piece
        drawing equally on Theatre and Dance techniques that is worth your time
        and support. This is 'We Take,' which amalgamates Western classical music
        and Butoh-like gestures and tempo/rhythms. It's being staged as part of
        Kumu Kahua's Dark Night Series and the remaining performances are on
        Sunday, Monday and Wednesday of next week, April 6, 7 and 9. At Kumu Kahua
        downtown, 46 Merchant Street, 8 pm, $5.
        "This shows artistic initiative and enterprise and is a true E-W fusion
        piece. The cast are nearly all UH students and all work as an effective,
        focussed ensemble."

                                - Dennis Carroll